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We estimate the cooperation with each of our Client by providing highly qualified legal support.

  • Exist.ruSpare car parts and accessories, Moscow

    Company Exist.ru is one of the leading online stores, offering clients a wide range of automotive spare parts and accessories of Russian and foreign manufacturers.

  • SchindlerManufacture and sales of elevators and moving staircases, Switzerland

    The Schindler Group was established in 1874 in Switzerland. One of the oldest corporations Schindler now occupies a leading position in the world in production, sales and service of elevators and moving staircases.

  • SuzukiProduction cars, Japan

    For over 100 years company Suzuki offers a perfect combination of reliability, style and functionality embodied in their products. The company is known as a manufacturer of cars and trucks, motorcycles and outboard motors with name «Suzuki».

  • Atlas CopcoProduction and delivery of compressors and generators, Sweden

    The company supplies various types of compressors and generators, construction equipment and provides service and spare parts supply . The company manufactures products in different 20 countries.

  • National Ecological OrderInterregional public organization, Russia

    National Ecological Order is a public organization conducting environmental monitoring and protection of the environment and the interests of citizens of the Russian Federation.

  • TeleSviazEngineering, Russia

    Russian system integrator, working in the field of IT technologies. The main directions of the company since its foundation in 1996 were the development and implementation of complex telecommunication projects for companies and organizations of all types.

  • Torrent PharmaPharmaceuticals, Moscow

    The company "Torrent Pharma» was founded in 1959 , from the outset established itself as a manufacturer of high quality genetic drugs. Almost half a century of the history of the company marked constant development and the desire for progress. Today "Torrent Pharma " is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies.

  • GK PZHIBuilding, Podolsk

    Group of Companies "Podolsky Housing Initiative " is an association of professionals of Russian complex of the real estate, implementing development projects in real estate developing as well as projects to develop the social infrastructure in the Moscow region.

  • TwigaAdvertising, Moscow

    TWIGA. This is the best communication practices for the creation and promotion of brands, companies and ideas. Agencies that are part of the group specialized in the various communication disciplines.

  • Village cateringEvent Management, Moscow

    Village catering. It is a guarantee that the event will be successful, it leaves a good impression and be remembered for a long time.

  • Elektroshchit-EMProduction Company , Moscow

    The company "Elektroshchit -EM" is a production company on the basis of which brought professionals in the fields of energy, engineering and wiring in order to more efficiently produce what now needs Russian market .

  • Museum of Russian ImpressionismArt, Moscow

    The museum has a constant exhibition which is dedicated to development of Russian impressionism since the 1870s and also holds temporary exhibitions both from their own funds, and with the involvement of exhibits from private and public collections in Russia and abroad.

  • AuratProduction, Moscow

    Coagulants is the most famous and at the same time the most "bulk" of the production program of JSC "Aurat". Every year they produced tens of thousands of tons. In addition, the company produces chemical compounds of precious metals, complex chemical reagents, components of drugs and medical products .

  • RoskhimzaschitaProduction Company, Tambov

    Today JSC Corporation "Roskhimzaschita" is the leader in development and production of high-end technology products: funds effectively combat a wide range of anthropogenic and natural factors affecting, life-support systems .

  • BTGSupply, Moscow

    LLC BTG is a dynamic company which has been operating in the field of integrated logistics since 2004. One of the key activities of the company is manufacture and supply of equipment for the construction and repair of municipal engineering systems of water supply and drainage, sewage, gas and heating.

  • Complex EventEvent Management, Moscow

    Company Complex Event offers event without the involvement of third-party contractors. With a large number of assets and combining all the necessary any event-agencies the resources under one brand name, the company guarantees the high quality approach to the event.

  • CDB LazuriteProduction, Russia

    JSC "CDB" Lapis almost sixty different designs submarines and is developing deep-water rescue equipment on the orders of the Russian Navy and is the only Russian design bureau which has the necessary expertise to develop such technology.

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